18:17. Lima, April. 15. The Deputy Minister of Mines, Guillermo Shinno, hailed the success of the Working Committee for the Development of Canaris, Salas and Incahuasi in Lambayeque, a compromise that allowed for a total investment of 87 million soles 880.467 for an array investment projects.

These projects are linked to rural electrification, road infrastructure, irrigation, education, sanitation and housing.

Shinno referred formally declared ended working group during a ceremony held today at the headquarters of the Regional Government of Lambayeque, an event that was attended by regional, municipal and local authorities in the region and of those districts.

He explained that since its installation in January 2013 until its completion in March, the Bureau of Development has managed to coordinate efforts with ministries and agencies of the Central Government and local authorities Cañaris Halls and Incahuasi.

As with the Regional Government of Lambayeque, the viability and implementation of development projects for the people of these jurisdictions that are considered among the poorest in the country.

"We wanted to bring the state to the poorest populations of these lambayecanos districts have long been abandoned. The purpose is to develop a better quality of life for its people, "he said.

He said that this is an array of public investment projects related to rural electrification, construction of roads and bridges, improve roads, agricultural and educational infrastructure.

Besides laying of potable water, sanitation and housing, among others, in the aforementioned districts lambayecanos.

Overall, the amount of these projects adds 60 million soles in Cañaris, Salas 19 million and 8 million soles in Incahuasi.

Shinno Huamaní explained that some projects already completed, others are under implementation and some are about to begin, and then have the corresponding funding.

He said he has formed four committees monitoring and supervision of said array of projects in order to control and verify that the commitment made by the authorities at the Bureau of Development is met.

Deputy William Shinno, representing the head of the sector Eleodoro Mayorga said the Ministry of Energy and Mines will ensure that mining investment in the country to meet environmental standards and culture of the people is respected. 

Disclaimer: Please note, The above article was translated with google translate, and we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the article.

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