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The Peruvian Minister of Energy and Mines, Cayetana Aljovin Gazzani during her visit to Chiclayo city, expressed her support for responsible mining and the Cañariaco Project to re-initiate its exploration activities.

Ms. Aljovin also announced to the community that the government will be funding the building of infrastructure projects as part of the Social Advance Fund ("Fondo de Adelanto Social, FAS), specifically for the Cañaris District.

"This is an idea and a commitment from the President Mr. Pedro Pablo Kuzynksi, o bring in advance the funding for infrastructure projects to the villages to demonstrate that mining projects can be developed in cooperation with the community and the environment."

Also, Lambayeque regional governor, Mr. Humberto Acuña Peralta, added that the community should not be afraid of Cañariaco. Mining is not bad as long as the developers and regulators believe in responsible mining and the region needs the economic resources that this activity could bring.


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